Intemp supplies test room system for VAILO LED sports lighting

VAILO burn in room
Lminaires under test in VAILO burn in room

Intemp ( is an Australian design and manufacturing company specialising in the supply of automated test equipment (ATE) for technology and energy management products.

Intemp was engaged by advanced technology company, VAILO, to design and commission a test room control system for its state of the art locally manufactured LED sports lighting products.

The sophisticated test system included custom made measurement and control hardware, data logging, fault detection, bar code device identification, test room safety control, and a custom software application to simultaneously control test sequences and verification for up to 30 devices.

VAILO Chief Commercial Officer Sam Vial emphasised the significance of the test room in ensuring the quality of the company’s luminaires before they hit the market.

“We prioritise quality control by rigorously testing each luminaire before it reaches our customers. The state-of-the-art test room, designed by Intemp, plays a vital role in maintaining our high-quality standards.”

The system applies configurable test sequences and verifies 210 channels of electrical and temperature information against pre-set thresholds, and can autonomously decide if certain fault scenarios should halt testing on a particular device or allow it to continue. The main test control application allows operators to observe the status of testing, pause and resume testing at any time, and simultaneously run separate test programs on two different product batches. The test room has the capacity to operate up to 45kW of lighting.

Production test systems allow technology companies and manufacturers to ensure their sub-assemblies and finished products are rigorously tested and verified with maximum accuracy and minimum labour. Intemp partners with developers and manufacturers to firstly understand their products and then assist in the development of suitable verification systems.

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Intemp works with St Eugene College High School girls STEM team.

Intemp had the pleasure of assisting the St Eugene College High School girls STEM team who recently competed against over 470 Catholic High Schools across the country and took out the overall 1st place category and a host of other awards.

It’s so exciting to see our up and coming engineers and scientists identify a problem and then devise great solutions. In this competition they conceptualised a product called “Beach Mate”, a wearable device that can alert lifeguards, teachers or parents to a child in distress in real-time through vital sign monitoring. “Beach Mate” can make a host of aquatic activities safer: school swimming lessons, nippers carnivals, ocean swimming events, surf competitions, triathlons, public swimming pools.

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Intemp partners with Camping and RV Supplies

Intemp has partnered with Brisbane based online retailer Camping and RV Supplies Pty Ltd to develop a range of innovative outdoor recreation products. Camping and RV Supplies has a history of introducing custom product solutions to the outdoor recreation market. The collaboration will see Intemp design and manufacture a variety of high quality camping and electrical products.

Camping and RV Supplies managing director Clive Lawrence says “We are excited about the collaboration with Intemp which will help us satisfy the growing demand for high quality Australian made outdoor products”.

The first product released is the versatile Cookup 400 flat pack fire and BBQ cooking grill. Find more information on the Camping and RV Supplies website, or on the Intemp Facebook page.

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